What do our students say about us?

Aviation Training's ground school has helped a lot during my commercial exams as the books provided for all the subjects were excellent. The ground school explanations and walk through for each subject helped me pass all my exams in less than the time frame provided by CAA.
Faridha Mbaississem
First female Chadian to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence
CBT is one of the best tools of studying, it's easier and interactive.You get to understand the topic better through pictures, videos and even step by step solutions with a lot of examples.You can quiz yourself at the end of each topic. We get more help and guidance through the online ground school where we get explanations of the subjects with an experienced instructor.
Ahmed Hassen
CPL student
The Ground school helped me a lot to pass all the exams in the best timing possible. You don't just study to pass the exams but it gives you enough Knowledge for your type ratings and in your airline pilot career. Passing the new IR exam was really hard at the beginning but with Aviation Training Ground School you get well prepared to pass it. In any subject you will get the necessary knowledge and the tools to pass the exam.
Maodo Ndyiaye
Now flying ATRs at Air Senegal
Aviation Training has helped me achieve my goal in time. The books have all the material you need to pass your SACAA exams with confidence. And the knowledge you gain during the ground school will definitely help with your future interviews.
Tiaan Van Wyk
Bush pilot in Namibia
The CBT is an educational tool that is ahead of a standard textbook. It is interactive and has more features, making for an improved learning experience. As for the online ground school, I can say that it is effective in that you get through just as much content, if not more, while connecting with students from around the world, all with a simple login to an application.
Sean Statt
CPL student
The ground school gave me a detailed understanding of each subject I needed for the CPL exams. The study material and experience of the instructor made it an educational experience which allowed me to progress in my aviation journey.
Jean Cedric Ossey
Now flying ATRs at Solenta Aviation
Great experience. Exactly what I needed to aid me in furthering my aviation knowledge as well as grow as an aviator. With easy to understand material, covering every possible aspect, and amazing mentorship throughout the course.
William Nuka
First Officer at Malawian Airlines
Not only is it easy to access and interactive but also much easier to learn from than the conventional text books. It is stimulating in a way that normal learning methods can’t. Online ground school is just as interactive as the in person lessons. Given the Zoom features and teaching methods available, there is no downside to having lessons online. Without the online lessons us as student would be stuck, grounded with no learning available (Covid19). It’s definitely the way of the future!
Yassen Bhabha
CPL student