Instructor Facilitation

To really supercharge your learning we offer facilitation sessions with our experienced instructors. Having someone who really knows their subject to explain, demonstrate and answer your questions will really help cement your knowledge by putting it in context.

Online Classroom

Our learning management system includes a comprehensive online classroom facility. This far exceeds a plain old video chat and fully replaces and improves on the traditional face-to-face class.

  • You can attend a class wherever you are in the world
  • We can source the best instructor for each subject, not just the best available in the city nearby
  • Raise your hand, ask questions by video, audio or text
  • Instructors have access to all our CBT slides, videos and their own material, as well as a digital whiteboard to draw and write on
  • With a helping hand you should be able to complete your CPL exams in 6 months rather than the 18-24 months that is more typical for self studying

Face To Face

We have classroom facilities available at Rand Airport and Grand Central Airport in Johannesburg where we can present face to face classes.

This is subject to a minimum number of students.