Who We Are

Our Company

Aviation Training was incorporated in 2016 and is an approved Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) with the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

SACAA ATO Number 0216

Our Product

We develop all our training material ourselves using our experience in training and industry. Our Learner Management System (LMS) helps us track our students progress, assist in problem areas and keep sponsors up to date with reports.

Our People

The most important element in our success is the team of people who bring with them their knowledge from working as airline, corporate and charter, contract and bush pilots and full time flight instructors. They are test pilots, aerobatics instructors and Designated Flight Examiners.

Louise Hahn

Louise started in the aviation industry in 2000 and has flown and served as a Post Holder in numerous operations ranging from 172's to Embraer 190s. She has now turned her attention to founding Aviation Training and creating our amazing courses. As well as becoming a theoretical knowledge, SMS and QA specialist and consultant, she lectures pilots and air traffic controllers in South Africa, Ireland and Switzerland.

Mark Mansfield

Mark started a very successful 22 year career as a professional photographer and combined that with his passion for aircraft to become a photojournalist for South Africa's top aviation journals. His beautiful images are regularly featured on the cover. See some of his work by clicking on his picture above. He is a commercial pilot and is our African regional manager.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are all drawn from the industry and have exceptional operational experience. It is very important to us that you are trained by someone who has “walked the talk”. When
considering which school to choose for your training, always ask them for some background on the instructor’s experience.

Our Sales Team

Some of our past students have enjoyed our product so much that they have become sales reps for us in their region. Who better to tell you about the experience than the people who have used it themselves to achieve success.

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